Wellness Care

Wellness Care is defined by the global self-conscious interchanging of behavior and lifestyle to better ones health to higher state of being. Some of the factors addressed in attaining wellness may involve life’s simplest necessities that tend to be neglected such as: Sufficient sleep, a proper diet, proper exercise, sufficient water consumption and supplementation. However, the addition of healthy factors alone cannot constitute wellness. The reduction and ultimately the eliminations of carcinogenic toxins and hazards must also be eliminated such as alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Wellness care involves your participation in preventive health care for all aspects of your body. This requirement would entail your active attendance to not just your chiropractor for spinal health but as well to other health care professionals such as your dentist for regular dental visitations, your optometrist for periodic eye examinations and your medical doctor for yearly physicals. With the progression of age, males and females have additional obligatory responsibilities in preventive health care measures. For example, males over the age of 40 are recommended to undergo yearly prostate examinations, while females are encouraged to undergo breast examinations and bone density evaluation.

As your primary gate physician, Dr. Khanjian will annually provide a physical screening assessing the health of your central nervous system, vision, auditory, internal, cardiovascular and neurological health. The physical screening helps to provide you with the awareness of your health status. The information gathered from the screening empowers you take control of your health by addressing any hidden health concerns that may require further attention with the expertise of a health care specialist.


Our modern day diet alone cannot fulfill the lack of vitamins and nutrients our bodies need for full support and maintenance. It therefore becomes vital that we supply our bodies with the missing factors through supplementations. Deficiency in vitamins and minerals can be caused by numerous factors such as a poor diet, lack of sunlight, vigorous activities, hormonally induced changes or physiological changes our bodies venture thru with the different stages of life. Supplementation helps restores this insufficiency and corrects the normal biochemistry for optimum function and vitality.

Knowing which supplement you need can be truly difficult, especially when your walking down the isle of a local convenient store with hundreds of bottles to choose from. Many times your body has the ability to inform you of its deficiency through physical symptoms that appear. These symptoms will vary based on the deficiency your experiencing. For example, moderate vitamin C deficiency may cause slight bleeding when you floss between your teeth however sever vitamin C deficiency can produce scurvy, swollen gums or poor wound healing. The recommendation of supplementation must be carefully guided with correlation to the symptoms a patient exudes. It is important to remember vitamins are a supplement, not a substitute for a good diet. With thorough nutritional counseling and assessment, Dr. Khanjian can recommend supplementation based on your personal profile and needs, as everyone’s needs will vary.

As a guide for reference, some vitamins are listed below with their benefits and/or symptoms produced with deficiency.

Vitamin Deficiency/Benefits
Vitamin A (Retinol): Deficiency causes night blindness Supplementation helps with vision and maintains Mucus membranes.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine): Deficiency causes Beri Beri (encephalopathy and Pyschosis) Very important for the metabolism of carbohydrates Fats, proteins and alcohol.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Cheilosis (sore crack at the corner of the mouth) Important for Redox reactions and carbohydrate Metabolism.
Vitamin B3 (Niacin): Deficiency causes Dementia, dermatitis and diarrhea Supplementation helps lower LDL and raise HDL Cholesterol.
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid): Deficiency can produce cramping of hands, tingling In the fingers, elevation of LDL and sensations of Burning feet with severe deficiency.
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): Deficiency causes peripheral nerve damage, carpel Tunnel syndrome. Supplementation helps maintain and synthesize our Myelin sheath. Helps synthesize mRNA and hormone Synthesis.
Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid): Deficiency causes megaloblastic (macrocytic) anemia, neural tube defects during pregnancy.
Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin): Pernicious anemia, Posterior lateral sclerosis.
Biotin: Deficiency of biotin may cause dandruff, weak nails, Dryness over the hands and feet and a swollen tongue.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): Deficiency may produce scurvy, capillary fragility, Bleeding gums, poor wound healing, bruises easily, Swollen gums. Is an Antioxidant, prevents oxidative damage to the cell Helps hydroxylate 2 amino acids: lysine & proline Which in turn help make collagen Necessary to deposit calcium into bone. Necessary to absorb iron. Helps synthesize cortisol Helps synthesize carnitine.
Vitamin D: Deficiency may cause Rickets or osteomalacia, bone Softening, osteoperosis Supplementation helps in lowering blood pressure.
Vitamin K: Deficiency may prolonge bleeding, cause dementia And heart disease. Supplementation helps with the clotting factor.
Vitamin E (Tocopherol): An antioxidant used for heart health Decreases neuroptathy Decreases platlet clumping Most helpful in gangrene
Calcium: Deficiency may cause muscle cramping or Tetany. Severe deficiency may cause osteopenia.
Chromium: Increases the efficiency of glucose transport Aids in some cases of type II diabetes (If diabetes Mellitus II was due to chromium deficiency)
Iron: Deficiency may cause Anemia, menstruation, Bleeding ulcers, colon cancers, hemorrhoids, Spoon shaped nails, restless leg syndrome and Glossitis.
Magnesium: Common deficiency in diabetics due to excessive Urination. Increases insulin sensitivity Helps prevent smooth muscle contraction Increases production of prostacyclin.
Vandium: Helps normalize glucose levels Allows some type I diabetics to decrease insulin.
Quercetin: 500mg/day has been found to be effective at Preventing cataracts and retinopathies in diabetic Mellitus patients.
Fish oil (Omega 3 fatty acids): Deficiency may cause a decrease in brain Development in children, decreased intelligence Potential, coronary artery disease, predisposes to Colon cancer, asthma, depression, schizophrenia And arthritis. Supplementaion helps in decreasing blood Pressure, joint play and hypercholestremia.
Omega 6: Deficiency may cause poor wound healing, Frequent onsets of sickness and eczema. Supplementation helps in the production of Prostaglandins.
Zinc: Deficiency may cause poor wound healing, poor Taste and smell, anorexia, retarded growth and sexual maturation in children, impotence, infertility, prostate hypertrophy (BPH), increase rate of infections, tremor, mood swings and night blindness. Supplementation: helps in wound healing and Prostate health.
Molybdenum: Deficiency may cause tachycardia, tachypnea and Headache. Supplementation helps with the synthesis of uric Acid. Also helps get rid of sulfide in the urine.
Potassium: Deficiency may cause muscle tiredness, muscle Cramps, arrhythimias, tremors or trembling Hypertension, smooth and skeletal muscle spasm.
Iodine: Deficiency may cause hypothyroidism.
Copper: Deficiency may lead to microcytic anemia, A decrease in your superoxide dismutase and Links to osteoperosis. (Copper competes with Zinc for absorption)
Manganese: Deficiency may lead to mitochondrial death, Dermatitis, premature aging and weight loss. Supplementation helps keep the nucleolus Propulsus hydrated (increasing the inner Intervertebral disc integrity).
Carnitine: Used in muscle energy metabolism Improves myocardial contractility.
Co-enzyme Q10: Increases cardiac function Decreases oxidative stress Increases cellular energy A powerful antioxidant in free radicals Beneficial for people taking cholesterol Lowering statin drugs.
Taurine: Increases contractility Increases sensitivity of insulin receptors.
Folic Acid: Reduces the risk of neural tube defects by 72% Deficiency is associated with septal defects in the Heart, sponataneous abortions and low birth weight.


De-tox-i-fi-ca-tion: the removal of toxic properties from a poison. Being free of toxins can be inevitably impossible, we absorb impurities through the air we breathe, the foods we eat and the chemical products we use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, when toxins build in our bodies through vectors such as smog, pesticide, smoking, shampoos, deodorants and the many other chemically synthesized based products, a suppression occurs within the efficiency of energy and metabolism in our body. In addition, this effect compromises the immune system making you susceptible to disease. Toxic build up occurs in the fat cells of the body, where most toxins are stored. By removing these toxins, the fat cells loose their hold on the body and can be eliminated through proper diet and exercise. One of the many services offered at the Khanjian Chiropractic clinic is the screening for nutritional counseling, chemical exposures and physical activity in reducing body toxicity.

Physical Activity & Nutritional Behavior

In guiding you to Wellness care, Dr. Khanjian will assess and analyze your diet and daily life style through a series of questions which will help outline your physical activity & nutritional behavior. This outline will create self-awareness as to the changes you need to make in directing yourself to wellness. Questions asked will reflect your activity level and the consumption of nutritious foods versus the consumption of fast foods. In addition, our office will obtain measurements of weight and height, in configuring your BMI (Body mass index). Upon the accumulation of all data pertaining to your profile, our clinic will provide a monthly analogue of measurable changes in your journey to wellness.